Tour de Fromage Inspiration: Gaslight

I'm currently working on the new round of posters for Scardello's second annual Tour de Fromage. Last years' were constructivist-inspired, this year I'm going all Wild West-- clashing reds, turquoises and yellows, outlined type and gaudy serifs, excessive Gaslight-Baroque ornamentation, sun-bleached textures and layers of borders.

Matching the level of slightly irregular intricacy that only an era before Illustrator and Photoshop could produce is a tall order, so I might have to scale back and take a minimalist approach to the aesthetic (if that isn't completely paradoxical).  Sources of inspiration: DoubleM2's flickr, Exile Bibliophile's flickr, the Library of Congress, Typographie Vintage by Steven Heller, Gaslight Ephemera.

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