Back from the dead

 Oops... extended absence! Well, it's worth returning to blogging to post about this absolutely stunning letterpress packaging work by Yael Miller/Miller Creative LLC for The Painted Pretzel.

I found my way to the Miller site by way of FPO, where they posted yesterday about these gorgeous business cards Miller did for Olli Salumeria. (You can see my super gushy comment, right under the spam.)  I'm seeing a lot of this changeable branding concept lately, and really digging it.


Pixel Rug

I'm really loving this colorful Pixel Rug by Portuguese textile company Piodão Group.


Scardello Tour de Fromage Vat A Semifinals: British Isles vs France

Poster one is done! I'm pretty proud of this one. Great opportunity to play with some novelty typefaces, vintage flourishes and texture overload. I think I've found and downloaded every free high-res grunge texture the internet has to offer. Thank God for Flickr and generous photogs.
Some of my favorite Flickr users for vintage imagery, inspiration, and textures:

Keep up-to-date on the Tour de Fromage happenings (and sign up for classes) over at Scardello: http://scardellocheese.com/?page_id=420


Before seeing this I would have shuddered at the thought of yellow crushed velvet. Pulled off brilliantly!
source: http://clarigoodblog.tumblr.com/post/3963846038


I'm in love


with the strange planet animal figurines by Good Machinery. www.thegoodmachinery.com


Green Crepe Skirt

being terrible at taking photos of myself  means I get to go buck wild in photoshop
done! And as my first sewing project in years... surprisingly easy. I love my Brother. It's older than I am, and has never broken. Probably because there's not a single digital component in the beast... 100% analog baby!