Love for New Belgium's "La Fleur, Misseur?"

I'm obsessed with New Belgium's (maker of Fat Tire and Skinny Dip) Lips of Faith series of craft ales... the beer is great, but those bottles! Serious swoon. You can see illustrations of all the Lips of Faith bottles (as well as their other beers) on their attractive site, along with some very sharp infographics describing the beers' flavor notes.

I'm thrilled to see brewers paying more attention to their bottles and packaging in a way the wine industry has always done. The recent craft beer explosion across the states has brought with it a much wider, diverse and more discerning group of consumers, and I'm excited to see that more creative packaging is part of the change.

As far as the beer itself, La Fleur Misseur is a light, interesting sweet, spicy, sour ale with some prominent brettanomyces pungency. A bit of an acquired taste, but quite enjoyable and drinkable. If you're wondering about the name, yes, it is intentionally misspelled, as a nod to a bit of New Belgium history.

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